I Did It for You

I knew when I left
You'd have to start anew.
But you'll never believe
I did it for you.

I did, I did, I SWear it's true.
I betrayed everyone's trust and left for you.
No doubt you cried and cursed my name,
But for you, I would take all of the blame.

I followed him for months and never said a word,
I obeyed him and let him treat me like dirt.
Until today, when I revealed my plan,
And he slayed me, and left me to die at his hand.

Now I lay here in pain and open my eyes,
Only to find you here, and you've realized,
What I've done, and who I did it for.
I close my eyes, and continue no more.

My last thoughts as I leave this life
Is how beautiful your eyes looked in the light.
Please, my love, cry no more,
Try to repair the life that I tore.

Now that I leave,
You'll have to start anew.
But at least now you know
I did it for you.

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