I Didn’t Ask for Much

Staring in the mirror asking what was wrong with this face?
Seeing wisps of hair needed to be tucked
Creases in the forehead to be gently unmasked
Eyebrows to be smoothed
Eyes to be tenderly looked into, for they cherished you
Ears eagerly waiting to hear whispers of love
A nose wanting to wake up to solely the fragrance of you
Cheeks anxiously seeking a connection with your lips
Lips withered away for they were never made love to
Indeed, I asked for far too much

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This Poems Story

I have been writing since childhood. Writing is my means to escape, center myself, and have life's challenges make sense in order to overcome them. What inspired this poem was a lot that I experienced which had rendered me speechless because it was never reciprocated. What was wrong with me? I would never know, but I've moved on! Some memories are to be cherished others are to be saluted goodbye but keep smiling!