I Didn’t Care

I tried not to Love him but it happened
My mind and soul were in a battle what was
Normally right? morally correct? My heart was
so infected I couldn't let it go
So I held on so tight even though I knew
it wouldn't be a full on fight
But I told myself, "you'll win" my love began
with the call not knowing id fall I
began writing inviting in this new friend
wanting it to never end So obsessed
who in the world would have guessed?
I'd be blessed secretly intertwined with a mess
but I still didn't care Slowly I got more involved
meeting up was much more then a crawl I was climbing fast
up this wall a forbidden love that nobody
Touches looking past the flaws and judgment
stopping all the calls Telling me to "STOP THIS!!" clawing at my
Thoughts telling me the end results Would be all my fault
but I still didn't care my feelings growing deeper
And my conscience kept on screaming
out stop this love affair But oh how I held on never letting
go like a baby attached to his mother
a bond that won't broken fatally accused I'll take
The last moments with the love of
my Life oh how it hurts Like a knife!

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