I Didn’t Wake Up Like This

I didn't wake up like this, no I had to put in some work,
Had to wax my eyebrows and that crap really hurts.
And the whole makeup thing, that takes quite a bit of time,
Had to push and pull on this girdle to make myself look fine.
And let's not talk about the hair and all that requires.
Anyone who says they woke up like this, is truly a damn liar.

I didn't wake up like this, No sir I didn't.
I had to do a lot or this outfit wouldn't be fitting.
My lashes are not this long, neither is my hair.
In fact, when I got up this morning, my hair was lying in a chair.
My legs were a little ashy, so I had to grease them down,
And without this bra, Honey, my breast are not so round.

I didn't wake up like this, as you all well know,
There are things you may wonder about, that I'll never show.
So every morning I spend a lot of time trying to get it right.
And then work to remove all of this extra stuff every night.
Only to do it all again, day after, day after, day.
Hoping that folks might believe that I actually woke up this way!

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