I do mind

I do mind
But how
When I lost my mind
Did I have a spare
And where
How do you keep a spare mind
That is how I believe I lost it
A mind is hard to find
It seems to disappear
That is when I'm not aware
I've lost my mind because I lost awareness
In all fairness my focus was elsewhere
On my spare
To focus on two minds at one time
A librarian of thoughts
Ideas cannot be bought
Ideas can be shared
Ideas that are thought they are bought
Those are not ideas
Those are thoughts
Ideas metamorphosis into thought
Thought that is bought
A bought thought is a dead thought
The life is in the idea
Chasing my mind
I wanted to read it
I revealed the plot
I discovered the secrets
It is that I can read minds
Mine is hard to find
Help me find it
For I fear
That this spare
Will fall apart
It is not my mind
It could be yours
As I have it
I do not like the thoughts that I bought
Is that how I acquired this spare mind
What price did I pay to be this way
I wanted to be someone else
And when I became someone else
I could not tell if I was myself
Such a strange thing identity
When it is so temporary
The ideas do live to die
A life creative full of ideas will try to survive
The ideas that bleed
Need to feed
The ideas that don't
May live on
To kill an idea it must be forgotten
I had discovered an idea lost
I paid the cost
Once I realized what I had
I let it die
It was my bad
It was better left alone
Not forgotten
Placed where it was for keeping
Just for me
My other mind knew I would find
It did keep the idea alive
I wept at the thought that my mind is lost
I remembered that I had lost it
This was the key
I opened my mind
So I found it

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