I don’t have goodbye for strangers

I have nothing
I have already said all when you were there
don't ask an empty sky for a god
I have regrets because I am still human
But a human without cause for words or need for explanation
I am just a inconceivable memory
discard me or dig me in your heart its your life
I have found the breeze I was looking for
don't try to book a flight which hs already left
don't go looking for a princess in a dungeon
I am soaring falling moving
the roads I left will always be the same
but I changed and I will change everyday
I cannot afford to hate or love
don't ask me to forgive or fight
I am a cloud and I have found my storm
am I afraid to be kind? no
but I will be more careful who I bestow it upon
I will not calculate my love
but I will not administer my hate
I will not burn the castles which kept me warm
I will not flood the Hamlets that sheltered me
I will not be a memory to you
I will smile at the skies that rain so unabashedly
I am afraid but I am eager to go
I am happy
it's not perfect, the gap in my chest often let's the blizzard freeze my insides
but the sun is with me and I am warm enough for the winter
I am not afraid to look pretty
I dance in the storm like a happy cat and sing loud
I have nothing but goodbye but I don't have goodbyes for strangers

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