I don\'t know.

By Maddy   

I don’t know.
All my efforts to fix this,
And all your efforts to deny it all.
All of me falls into the darkened abyss,
And yet have you ever tried to call?
My mind races to think the worst,
And you act like you don’t care.
My heart gets immersed,
How is this at all fair?
Why am I trying to fix this?
I’m not in the wrong.
All your words fail and are remiss.
I’m just trying to stay strong.
I can’t seem to catch a breath,
While you go and say it doesn’t matter.
I feel like this is worse than death,
And you watch my heart shatter.
She talks to you like you’re single,
And I talk to you like you’re my world.
The way she looks at you makes my heart tingle,
The way she talks to her friends about you makes my toes go curled.
But yes.
Yes, she’s better than me,
Yes, she’s prettier than me,
Yes, she’s more popular than me,
Yes, She deserves it all.
I tend to close my eyes and think of what we could have,
While you keep your eyes open and tear my heart in halve.
You’re upset.
But I am too.
I look at you, and there’s nothing to regret.
I just don’t know what to do.
I don’t know.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about a girl and her boyfriend. her boyfriend is upset with her, and she has no clue how to talk to him about it.