I Don’t Like You

I don't like you just because you're gonna get me killed
There are many cracks in your knowledge yet to be filled
You've dragged me on this quest
When you knew I would detest
And have made sure that there is nowhere else to turn
Your stupidity has brought us to a dead end street
Where no ideas have had the thought to meet
Even though you are a young yuppie
Your thoughts wander around like lost puppies
With no leash attached or anywhere to be found
They chase their tails as I sit and watch
The epiphany I want to see has been botched
When we first began this trip, I accepted my fate
That you would somehow turn this into something
not so great
I had no idea that it would end like this
Then, I received hope
Only a little so don't gloat
It didn't last long
But it did the trick
To make me stay
Why did you pick me to be your sidekick?
But here we are
Trapped in a car
With nowhere else to turn
Well let's hope we don't burn
In my gasoline tears

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