I Don't Understand

People crying, people dying

Teenage girls getting pregnant at a young age

Young men killing each other full of rage

Women drinking and smoking to ease their pain

Complaining about their problems, worrying about tomorrow is only in vain

Young men selling drugs to earn fast money

Quit school to run the streets

Nobody inspiring them to stay in school

Giving up on life because they think they have no opportunity

I don't understand

Single mothers barely making it, struggling to hold two jobs

Feeling sorrowful but still smile

The Lord knows deep inside she's faking it

I don't understand

Fathers abandoning their children

Won't give a phone call or even pay child support

Women dressed like men and men dressed like women abomination

They're all turning gay someone tell them this is not the way

I don't understand

Young mothers on welfare depending on the system

Working for free when they should just go to school and get a degree

Gas going up everybody struggling to get a buck

Strive to do better, it won't always be rainy weather

Time is only going to get worse because it's the end time

Just keep your eyes stayed on Jesus and he will keep you

Put all your trust in the Lord and he will help you

The world today seems like they want you to fail

You can prevail just keep your faith in Christ Jesus

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