I dreamt I was falling

Calm and collective I step back into this
world of consciousness , hoping that
day you will see the beauty in you that
I see. Taking this path has sometimes
led me to darkness, and other times
have put me into a stage of
momentary bliss , but for you I would
die at any moment. my fixation for you
Is heavy and at times makes me crave
the pain, but to bleed your love is more
than just a thing anymore. I stepped
outside the lines to show you who I am,
but to you , that wasn’t good enough. I
scraped my knees while praying , and
found a demon in my safest haven , but
for you that wasn’t good enough.
waking up to this reality of you gone
puts me right back into a stage of
unconsciousness , to open my eyes and
see you would be a privilege now. You’re
dragging me down into a hole I can no
longer breathe in, but for you , I would
no longer breathe. And beneath my
flaws I only see us , You’re the light who
brings me to the dark. Now you’re all I

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