I Dreamt of You

By Meg Gun   

I dreamt of you
I dreamt of you last night.
Nothing too special, but you were there.
I could tell you about it and you’d act all smug like you always do,
Knowing that despite all of my effort, you’ve become significant to me
Specifically at a time when we get to decide what’s temporary,
Both of us having had one foot out the door for years,
And I’d take the bait and tell you not to flatter yourself
like I always do
Because I hate it when you do that, and you’d instigate
because you know this.
And we would fall back into the same conversation mold we always do,
Both serious and playfully argumentative at the same time,
a ridiculously perplexing dynamic
And I’d end it the same way I always end it,
sometimes with a laugh and sometimes with an angry tone,
By telling you that someone needs to take you down a notch.
Those words hurt me more now than they ever hurt you,
because I realize with stinging clarity
I won’t be the one to do it.
I don’t have that power and I never did.
So please, just grant me a night of perfect solitude, void of you
So that I can begin the streak;
So that I don’t have to wake up and exasperate myself over that fact that, once again,
I dreamt of you last night.

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