I Endeavored to Persevere

I Endeavored to Persevere
Gordon England 2020

Just when I thought our world reached its lowest
Police choking brought discrimination into focus
I thought of an Indian’s movie line so clear
To Eastwood he said, “I endeavor to persevere”

Silent demonstrators told us that Black Lives Matter
Anarchists moved in and the peace was shattered
Riots over police killings brought fire and fear
I watched and endeavored to persevere

The attacking virus was an invisible enemy
Just breathing brought death and misery
Denied by many who laughed and jeered
I endeavored to persevere

The loss of sports cost us treasured cheer
Stopping the Olympics ruined careers
Basketball was played in a Disney sphere
I endeavored to persevere

When a second surge emerged, I had to ask
How much longer will I wear this mask
We feared those without protective gear
But I endeavored to persevere

Fires ravaged the West like a biblical scene
Destroying cities and homes and dreams
People came back to ashes and tears
But I endeavored to persevere

Our cherished cruise boats were vessels of fate
With Covid aboard they stayed at sea to wait
Students at home cost parents careers
I endeavored to persevere

Climate change wreaked weather around the world
As hurricanes, tornadoes, and drought unfurled
So many icebergs disappeared that year
Still I endeavored to persevere

My new norm of a virtual office appeared
I became a hermit as TV brought fear
Did not want friends or family near
But I endeavored to persevere

My daughter’s wedding was dangerous to attend
I watched through live streaming’s new trend
She understood, though it brought me tears
But I endeavored to persevere

Whoever heard of shoving a stick up the nose
It felt like it went all the way to the toes
A vaccine’s arrival time remained unclear
I endeavored to persevere

Families confined at home became too close
Waiting in distress for banks to foreclose
This led to widespread depression and fear
But I endeavored to persevere

Families and friends torn by political hatred
Red and blue loyalty became most sacred
Brainwashed to hear other’s opinions with fear
Still I endeavored to persevere

My bubble shrank to stop toxic people and news
Only had happy friends to prevent the blues
I hoped for peace after elections that year
I patiently endeavored to persevere

I learned from past hard times not to give up hope
Waiting for silver linings helped our country cope
Vaccines and social progress brought us past fear
Because we endeavored to persevere

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