I Fall Apart

I fall apart
Told me I’m not enough in so many words
And all I want is for you to take it back
To pull me close while these tears soak my cheeks
Just tell me you don’t want me anymore
Disguise your self-has a saint
But we both know that you're a beggar
I fall apart
caught me off guard
But I can’t let go
Just tell me you don’t want me anymore
Left me with a broken heart
And all these scars
Visible to every prying eyes
But all these scars can’t hide what I’m feeling
The pain in my eyes
The aches in my soul

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    This Poems Story

    Wrote this poem after a breakup. people go through problems in a relationship and under certain circumstances we may not be able to express our self to that person, so writing and letting out my emotion give others a chance to relate.