I Fear People

I fear people
People who are wearing colorful masks
Hiding poisoned daggers in their casks
I'm afraid of people
Whom over their head
Carry the banner of benediction
Then again at night
carry salt to rub on my abrasions
I am afraid of people
Out of their mouths comes mesmerizing words
An ax is what they are holding behind their swords
Do you think they won't break my trusting core?
I'm afraid of people
They lie and call it knowledge,
do evil and declare it courage.
Their eyes filled with lust so foul
I am really afraid of these people
I am so afraid that I crouch and hide in the cellar
People's shadows are dancing on the wall
And I tremble and curl myself in a ball
I know it well
I have to go and buy myself a disguise
Plus a dagger dipped in malice
Shouldn't I forget to secure a heart of stone
Tomorrow I will get to become one of these folks!

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