I Fed a Monster

By Morgan   

I fed a monster the other day
Paralyzed, it wouldn’t stay at bay
I begged the zookeeper to lock him up
Draining me, drinking from his giant cup
And as it fed, the monster grew
Receding to only return a new
And as it grew, more and more it devoured
I becoming, more and more overpowered
Frantically calling, to whom does this beast belong?
Surly he’ll answer to someone’s song?
The melody of my heart screaming
The forte of my thoughts, eyes streaming
Why won’t it leave me alone?
Once fed, surly, won’t it go home?
Withdrawn once more, I rushed to my abode
Finding with horror, a monstrous overload
Devouring all that it can find
The horrible truth, the monster’s mine

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