I Feel Empowered

I sit,and bit,the tip,of my pen,
I feel rushed,
Its exciting,
here it comes again,
I think,and blink,the sync,
Of my words,
I feel the rhythm,
Its melodic,
It has to be heard,
I write,and cite,the fight,of my mind,
I feel empowered
its clever
Even better the second time,
I stop,and drop,the pop,
Of my flow,
I feel lost,
Its gone,
Where did it all go,
I recapture,and rapture, the fractured, thoughts of my head,
I feel relieved
its back,
I no longer carry dread,
I finish,and replenish, then diminish, fears
I feel stronger,
Its poetry,
Giving me life and bringing so many emotions near,

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