I Finally Can See

I finally can see,
but yet my body is lifeless,
music and tears fill this church, why?
my memories take over me, wait?
do you remember me, and I mean remember me,
before Bobby hit me, Before I snorted cocaine,
Before the body guard made me her,
when I was just that little girl singing in this church,
glistening, listening to Anita Baker on a Sunday morning,
before there was mourning before there was pain,
wait on this date I have to hear this,
she overdose, she was a junkie,
she was just some black girl who got lucky,
but I wasn't some black girl who got lucky,
for the black girl who got lucky, isn't laying in a casket,
where was my wake up call,
I suffered my Marilyn Monroe style death,
sitting in a bath tub out of breath,
and finally I can see,
and this, this is not how I want you to remember me,
I want you to remember my music,
remember my laughter,
take care of my daughter and make sure she doesn't take after her,
the woman in the casket,
because I am better than that woman in the casket,
I finally can see

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