I Found a New Meaning of the Sun

You say you didn’t mean to be deceitful
Believe me when I say that it was very meaningful
When you took that blade and cut me open,
And left my bleeding remittance at the steeple.
Life for us was a descending stairwell
But we were only on it for a short period of time
Until you decided that the very existence of this stairwell
Was a bad idea because of the fact it was built to go down.
Darling, we were plummeting towards the ground.
In remembrance of your car
I still have these scars
When you gripped my hand so tight
You gave me something to remember the fight
I didn’t understand,
I took your hand, and you held mine
How could something like this make you want to resign?
With you there was an absence of time
Now I'm not one for getting lost
But with you it was worth the cost.
And everything was fine,
I even started to call you mine.
And its funny how those tables turned,
Its funny how those tables burned.
I confused love for what it was worth
A selfish cause of giving birth
You were a thief but you came by light.
No warning signs of when you would strike.

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