I found my way

It started way back when, when I dropped outta school,
Runnin away I was actin a fool
And when I was high I was living the life, but now I got a problem
I cant put down the pipe

And now its breakin me down, this shit is breakin me down
Now im watchin the world, as my dreams fallin down
Can anyone hear me cuhz I cant hear myself
Theres has gotta be a heaven please save me from hell

See im losin my way, you see im losin my way
Im losin my hope, my life is fading away
I stood there watched my rainbow turn from colors to grey
I need to finally find change, not tomorrow today.

So I stepped out my box with discomfort inside
But this feeling deep down said go along for the ride
Im feelin confused, I just break down and cry
Cuz all im used to to is twistin floodin the pipe

But the more I stood still and went along for the ride
I felt this spirit fill me up, I felt it all up inside
Today I bow down when my hearts bout to cry
Cuhz this spirit told me that I have a friend in the sky

So today I just smile, said goodbye to the pipe
Said hello to my life, I thank the man in the sky
Cuhz im sober today, I finally found my own way
4 years clean, those days are so far away

Everydays a struggle, but its easy somedays
And when Im bout to lose it I just bow down and pray,
Bow down and pray I just bow down and pray
I thank the man in the sky for waking up everyday
And for changing my life and finally finding my way
Everydays a struggle but I just bow down and pray

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This Poems Story

This poem just tells a part of a dark true story of my past that unfortunately happened. It reveals the hold the devil had on me with crystal meth. But the real truth is the darkeness can never hide from the light. Light always win. My light is God