I found the Lord

I found the Lord, yes, i found the Lord
and saved me from a hell fire storm
the Devil with his evil, seeped into my soul
freed me from the shackles of the jackle himself

The Bible in my room was breathing on a shelf
when i picked it up, it burned inside myself
it threw away my lows and picked up all my highs
i thank the Lord who gave me back my life

Jesus is our savior, who'll shine for us tonight
reaching out his palm, making sure our paths sleep tight
saving us from trouble, with a peace of mind
let's share the Lord, with a heaven filled with light

Thank you my Lord for giving us our sight
keeping us from sin when the venom comes to strike
the seven heads of deadly snakes will attempt to give us fright
will be cut with prayer's, when we knell each night

I found the Lord, yes, i found the Lord
kept me from falling, on the silver  sword
i'm giving all my time to the one that has the power
fighting off the demons that try to steal our heart

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