I found you

It was in faith and trust that I found you
Not in love or lust that I sought you out
You rendered my mind thoughtless, my lungs breathless, and my soul powerless
For I thought a love such as this
Couldn’t possibly or simply exist
Unless one such as this was in stories given for such false hope
Oh, for what great fiction we live
But you proved me wrong
You showed love can be real
It can be made as the ones in a stories
For this one is ours; our love and our story
My dear, for that I must admit
There is no greater peace I have felt then when I’m with you
For I love, I love, I truly and most deeply love you
There is no boundaries for this I can assure
With you I am certainly everything
And yet I am absolutely nothing of the sort
Though through your eyes I can see my light and shine the way I was intended too
For if it wasn’t for your arrival I would have crumbled in my nothingness
I have found you my dear and that makes everything bliss again

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