I Found you

Never meant to hurt you,
Just love you, I tried.
But things just seem to stop us and get in the way no matter how hard I try.
to abide by the rules, and always take caution.
Always listen and be slow to speak, eyes wide open and always watching.
The harder I love you, you seem to pull away,
The more I feel I finally grasp you, your hand just slips away.
A best friend I rarely had but I feel I’ve found it in you,
When times get so hard and I feel like giving up, you always see me through.
No matter if I fall or how many mistakes I make,
You never judge me or blow up in anger you make the hurt go away.
Always in my corner, holding my hand every step of the way,
And when things get too tough to handle you always say just pray.
Even when I yell at you and ask you why you care,
You don’t hold it against me, and let it tear you apart from me, and that kind of love is rare.
Like a gem in a pile of old stones,
Like a shelter and a brand-new home,
I find happiness just being with you,
You take all my flaws and emotions and turn the old ones new.
So many times, you saved me, and you never even knew,
Some days just your kind words, or a hug lifted my spirits and you never even had a clue.
I don’t know why things happen the way they do or why its so hard to be together,
Just know if its in Gods plan it will only make us stronger forever.
We all fall down and make bad decisions, but it’s all about what we learn,
Its about the ones who stay through it all, even when we crash, and we burn.
I can surely say your far from perfect, but you’ve always been there for me,
Even when my life is filled with stress, and depression and chaos I still see your love for me clearly.
Our bond was built from scratch but now it’s a wall never to be shaken,
A structure of Gold shinning in the dark world, history in the making.
God sent you to me for a reason, he placed you carefully in my life,
You’re my guardian angel, and my moonlight that shines in my darkest nights.
Your one of my best Friends, my lover and a personality like no other,
Your mouth is not always filtered but wouldn’t change a single thing.
You’re my hope in a world of unfinished tasks and you believe in all my dreams.
Thank you for being in my life, thanks for standing by,
Thanks for letting me cry on your shoulder and wiping my tears each time I’ve cried.
Has the road been easy?. No, yes it has at times been rough,
But we never gave up on each other no matter when things got tough.
Even when you kiss me to this day,
It still takes my breath away.
When you wrap you arms around me and hold me o so tight,
The way you make me feel so special and protected and kiss me through the night.
The way you make love to me, and make my body feel,
When I look in your eyes I know that this love is so real.
No matter what happens, ill cherish you as long as I live,
You’ve helped me through my darkest days and helped me to mend and forgive.
You’re my everything and words can never explain,
The love I feel for you and our solid bond that won’t ever change, nor fade away.
You’ve changed my life in a million ways,
The memories we made have been so great.
I love you more than I could ever express,
Because you haven’t just loved me in my bad times but even more when I was a mess.
You’re a great man, and ill love you until I have no love left to give.
Because with you by my side I have a new reason to live.
My blessing, my friend, my second wing,
You’re my breath when I stop breathing, you’re my everything.
I spent my life searching for real, and someone who was true,
I spent my life looking for love and I’ve found that love in you.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about love all the way. it is really hard to find true love in this world these days. People will tell you they love you but their actions speak way louder than their words. when you find that person that genially loves you and you love them the same if not more it is the most beautiful feeling in the world and should always be cherished. finding love like this Is rare but to have that someone behind you at all times even when you makes mistakes they still love you just the same if not more. Then their are times when you both love each other and want to be together but everything keeps stopping you from being with them, but when you finally get that chance to be it is like a angel flying in the dark, they bring light into your dark world.