I gave her a ring, but she made me her King.

I gave her a ring, but she made me her king.

I saw how the ribbon of love danced across her eyes.
I unwrapped the gift of her face when I placed the ring on her.
Soon I saw how her honey coloured eyes, shied away from the sun
I made her mine by placing the eternal ring of life.

Whilst my mother passed away I saw how she stood by my side
She picked me my pieces and helped me build my life again
I was slowly loosing hair trying to bring up my company
Whilst she stayed at home to bring up my sonny

It was a bright sunny morning when I realised the sun no longer wanted to play with her
The disease had spread to all parts of her
She still smiled and my whole world shined
But my life was one that was fast approaching dim

One day she decided to leave without saying goodbye
I know if she had the chance she would have made me stay beside
But all that’s to know is I’ll be there soon with her
Till then she can make the angels be shy.

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