I Gave You My Life, So You May Live

I went to sleep one night this is what I saw. I saw Jesus face. As I looked upon Jesus face I saw amazing grace. Jesus eyes draw my attention most of all. As I look inside his eyes it shows me his life. One eye I saw him being born unto this world and how happy he was. Jesus was narrated his life story to me. As years pass I watch through his eyes and listen what he have said to me. He preach and teach and made miracles happen by healing the sick and the lame so they can walk, the blind so they can see, the deaf so they can hear. Everything went black then I look inside the other eye then I saw him when the human race abused him accused him commanded him to be put to death. I watch him when the people beat him and gave him a cross to carry. The people put a crown of thorn upon his head as they did that Jesus head was crying blood upon his face. When Jesus reach his destination where they were going let Jesus died. They layed down the cross and told Jesus to layed down the cross and told Jesus to lay down on the cross he did the people started hammering nails through his hands unto the cross. Then they put his feet on top of each other and drove one nail through both of his feet unto the wooden cross. Then they stand the cross upon the hill. Jesus stay on the cross for three days and three nights he bleed all that time. The people watch as he die they made fun of him. He died in his thirties. He was so young. When Jesus was on the cross he said Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. Jesus was beside two thieves on a wooden cross. One was on the right side, the other was on left side. The right side theif said to Jesus forgive me Lord! Jesus look at the theif to right side of him and said unto him “Assurely I say unto you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.” Just before Jesus died he cried out in aloud voice, “Father into your Hands I commend my Spirit. Then he dies. One of the soldier pierce Jesus side with a spear and immediately blood and water came out. A Earthquake tremble the Earth so the people would know Jesus has died. They took him down off the cross and place his body to Place of a Skull. Within three days of his crucifixon he arose. He is alive he did this cause he love us and care for us so much. He wants us to receive peace believe he will always be with you all. Then everything went pitch dark and suddenly I woke up I was praising the Lord Jesus Christ thank him for everything he has done for us.

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One night I had a dream I wanna to share with others.