I Got 99 Problems But a Blessing

See I can't walk like my heart is pure
But I can hold my head up high because lord Jesus is here
You can't serve bitter lemonade and expect to get payed
So why come to church if not to be saved?
How many people got problems here im sure everyone
See I have 99 problems but a blessing will come
You touched your sister stuff without permission
So she beats on you with decision?
I Don't ever stress what people have to say
Cause the one who judge today will soon have to pay
Temptations may be on me that's a fact
But lord God who leads me will always have my back
Own up to your wrongs be a man they say
But they don't know what you've been through trying to be saved
There's no perfect christian out here sorry to say
But with the holy spirit im us we shall all be saved
I've got 99 problems but a blessing will come
So When I walk through this earth continuously shunned
I look up and smile because of what jesus has done
Hit by a car At the age of five And barely survived
Caused my momma to cry and I asked myself why?
Why did I run Back for that shoe?
Was it because it was new or because I didn't know what to do?
See I've got 99 problems but a blessing will come
Because when you get jumped by five girls and barely know them
Passed your test by a minimum only to lie and say you aced it
Remember lord Jesus gave you a great day!!!!

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