I got a hug from nature

In the heart of the woods, I ventured alone,
Seeking solace, yearning to be known.
Amidst the whispers of ancient trees,
Nature embraced me with gentle ease.

I felt the warmth of a sunbeam's caress,
As it danced upon my face with tenderness.
The breeze whispered secrets in my ear,
While fragrant blooms whispered, "Have no fear."

The babbling brook sang a soothing tune,
As it washed away worries, like a gentle monsoon.
Birds serenaded with melodious delight,
Their songs echoing through the tranquil night.

In nature's embrace, I found sweet release,
A healing balm that brought me peace.
For in that hug from nature's embrace,
I discovered a love that time won't erase.

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This Poems Story

I was at my lowest point thinking about giving up on my life and as I stood there in the forest I got this warm comfort that I ever seen before then started to think positive about myself and life , I realized at that moment that nature communicated with me in a positive manner