I Gotta Get Published, Or Else!


After holding a series of mind-numbing jobs
I was craving escape from the track-riding mobs
And it came to me, then, what I needed to do
It was look for a way to begin life anew
Now, I gotta get published, or else!

Well, I'm no dilettante like the rest of you here
See, I need to succeed, or it's Curtains, I fear
I shall not be content with your feedback, because
It just isn't enough to give creditors pause
Man, I gotta get published, or else!

It won't matter how good or how bad it might be
But on-ly that it sells and brings profits to me
It's okay if I pander to your lowest taste
Just as long as my efforts do not go to waste
And I gotta get published, or else!

So I put in my time every day after work
In engaging my brain so I don't go berserk
My position's a gut-wrenching grind, but I hope
To escape before reaching the end of my rope
Please, I gotta get published, or else!

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