“I had a dream…”

I had a dream of an angel, an angel all for me.
My own little boy is who this angel was supposed to be.
Wanting the darkness to be over, lying in the wings of the sun.
Erasing all the pain but it ended before it ever begun.
I said a prayer in the darkness, that’s where the magic begins.
Praying for my angel not knowing this is where it all ends.
I asked if I can’t have an angel, a boy is the next best thing.
He may not be an angel but he is who God would bring.

Holding you in my arms it was then for the first time.
My eyes filled with tears as I looked at this boy of mine.
Born from another and not created by me.
Didn’t matter, as I promised to love you and take care of thee.
You’re the son I always wanted, I just didn’t know it back then.
I would love you as my own and never question again.
Why God didn’t give me a son to carry under my heart.
For he have me my soul, one whom will never be apart.

I’ve been blessed to have you apart of my life.
Trying to raise a prince along with my wife.
I vow to you to always be your mama and always love thee.
To keep you as the son of my heart as it will always be.
I had a dream……never came true.
For God, thankfully was too busy creating you.
My prayer is that you keep me as your mama and part of your world.
For I’m not an angel, I’m only a girl.

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