I Had a Dream

I had a dream I went back in time
I don't know what the climate
Jesus stood before Ponti-us Pilate
A man named Barrabbus was on Jesus' right side
Barrabbus' crimes he could not hide
Jesus did nothing wrong but was sent to the cross
He did this for all of us so our lives may not be lost
But there was great news, Jesus rose from the dead
I saw Mary Magdaline and Mary, Martha's sister, who was wearing red
Judas the traitor was hanging from a tree
Did he repent? Satan was tring to get him I see
Where was Thomas I did not see him
Oh there he was the light was dim
He was in doubt was he seeing his Lord?
"Yes, this is He"said Thaddaeus as he was hammering a board
Jesus said, "My son (or daughter) I know you've repented of your sins
Your eternity in Heaven now begins
Read your Bible and pray
Go to church every Sunday
Don't smoke, drink, or use illegal drugs
Sweep that under the rug

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