I Had A Dream

Last night I had a dream of you
You were with me alone on a beach
Your hair was blowing as the wind blew
You were beside me, yet out of reach
You whispered softly I love you
You smiled cause I love to hear
The way you laugh when you know I'm about to
Reach for you and pull you near
In that moment your eyes began sparkling
Shining brighter than ever before
And my heart began violently beating
And seemed to vanish there on the shore
Still I was trying to reach you
I had to tell you the way that I feel
And a flash from heaven consumed me
I was dreaming but this moment was real
And there I heard a voice saying
"Love is more than the words that she hears
And Shelby do not be mistaken
For I know your doubts and your fears
To love her is to let her fly freely
She has hopes and dreams of her own
If you love her then do it completely
Only I control where she belongs"
I opened my eyes and I saw you
Watched you laugh as you played in the sand
And suddenly in that moment I knew
Only God is in control of His plan
So I knelt in the sand on the shoreline
In awe of all I had seen
Then in my dream for the first time
I could feel your hand on my cheek
You said "Shelby is something the matter?
Baby, you're shaking, what's wrong?
Please know that I'll love you forever
Because together is where we belong"
Then suddenly our families united
You and I joined together as one
Then I woke up and I was reminded
Not my will but His will be done

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