I Hate My Life

I’m sorry to anyone i’ve hurt
I’m sorry to anyone i’ve left
I’m sorry if i’m not the person everyone expected me to be
And I’m sorry to me for continuing to hurt me ,

This life that I live is not easy
The life that I chose doesnt complete me
I want to die more than I want to live
I’m being scarred in the present like the past still exist

I hate who I’ve become
and I hate what I did

I cant erase a scar , but life can erase the kid

I dont wanna be hung up on a wall , burried in the earth, or burnt and grinded up , like ashes and dirt

I just wanna be free , let my body decompose and maggots and mice eat my bones and whatever is left of me

I scarred myself there’s nothing else to see , I just wanted to let the real me be free ,

I hate my life times 3 , I wish I had a better one laid out for me .

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This Poems Story

... Overall Message Is .. I will keep cutting when im hurting until my soul , my actual self is out and free , I want to be dead , so I can leave this person that I’ve became , life cause me scars and pain that I want to escape and try to find a better life , I feel like I’ve hurt a lot of people including myself and that’s not who I am , but it’s what I’ve done , I feel like how i feel in the past to present day , when i was hoping that everything would get better for me , it never changed .