I hate this feeling

I hate this feeling I get when I don't hear from you
its a feeling I wish can leave me and not stay inside me
Its like an ugly feeling I can't explain
A feeling that's killing me inside and leaves me in pain
Oh how I want this feeling to leave me so bad
Cause all it does is make me cry and sad
I just wish I can hear from you but I don't even know what's wrong with you

Today I called you and you didn't sound the same
I notice that for awhile I don't understand did something change
Did I do something wrong or am I one to blame
I wish I knew cause I'm afraid to get hurt cause I'm madly in love with you and don't want to be left in all this pain
Can you talk to me please and tell me what going on with you and me
I'm literally crying laying in my bed just wanting dying to go to sleep and not think about us
But even when I try I cant cause the fear of you leaving me is gonna make me feel like Im dying inside

Oh how I hate this feeling I get
I wish you talked to me instead of ignoring me and making me sweat
I know the truth can hurt but I rather it be said then hidden and my mind playing games with my own head

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