I Hate You Winter

I hate you winter, I hate you well
I wish you would die and then burn in hell.
Frost on windshields; fingers all numb
Why must you be cold, I think it's just dumb.
And making matters worse, it's more of a pain
When there's a wintery mix of snow and of rain.
Such a Debbie Downer, a stone cold bummer
Why can't you be more like your cool sister, summer?
So sweet and so kind, a really special lady
But you're the uncool sister, that's right..the Jan Brady.
When you were cold as a child, your parents should have stopped it
You related to summer?..nah, you must be adopted
Causing couples to cuddle in front of fireplaces
And kids playing in snow with their sweet smiling faces
Okay; winter, maybe you're not so bad
And visions of cuddling, DO make me feel glad
So you can come in and stay for a while
And through numb fingers and teeth chattering...I'll manage a smile

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