I Hate You

I hate it when you act cold
I hate it when you're dry, it even makes me cry
I hate every time your little smile forms
Making me feel thunderstorms
I hate it when you don't text back, making you lack
I hate it when you hug me
I hate it when you call me princess, & just for an instance
I forget about the distance
I hate your hair
I hate your hands
I hate your lips
I hate your eyes
Especially when you stare, seeming like you care
You say you'll never leave
But every time you do, everything turns blue
I hate how I cry over you
I hate how I depend on you
I hate how your friends don't like me
I hate how my friends don't like you
I hate the way you make me feel
I hate how you make me smile
I hate how you pay attention
I hate how no matter what you never get tired of me
I hate the way you're always right
I hate it when we fight
Even though at the end, we'll be alright
But at last, thing is
I hate how I don't hate you at all, even if I tried

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