I have

I have…. created something.
I have…. my life back today.
I have…. a past I feel was stolen.
I have…. found a way to get away from the thief’s terror.
I have…. a split personality where I do this stoically.
I have…. a no worries vibe I picked up from the Islands and brought back to Austin as a carrier.
I have…. a pipe dream to get to the end of this heroically.
I have…. enough problems of my own, but the more the merrier!
I have…. the efforts to help others start their healing.
I have…. a mind set saying we’re all in this together.
I have…. a scab on my heart that I’m pealing.
I have…. a peace within I’m trying to tightly tether.
I have…. a side of me that doesn’t taste as nice as Ice Cream & peaches.
I have…. a damn good time using my mind to play tetherball.
I have…. a bookshelf I fill up with my escapes.
I have…. a journal to burn each page like a fireball.
I have…. a jacket to walk in the winter like Superheroes need capes.
I have…. an imaginary Ocean tide to distract me like kids play spitball.
I have…. a gratefulness about me that drives me crazy like caged apes.
I have…. a story inside me like a cat has a built up hairball.
I have…. a message for everybody to join me on the traipse.
I have…. a thankfulness for every last one of this World’s people we can call an oddball.
I have…. a thought blaming hardships as blissful traps.
I have…. a tough path to cling to, one I don’t know about doing over.
I have…. the power within when I stopped looking for the luck of my four leaf clover.
I have…. a long list of missed wake up calls I could put into too many stacks.
I have…. a list of things to be stressed about I wouldn’t trade for a million dollars.
I have…. you at the top of my list, I promise not to turn my back.
I have…. this poem today telling me you’re my prized possession.
I have…. these words I couldn’t bare to throw out; I hope reading them gets your battle beat.

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