I Have a Deam.

It started out an idea.
I was about eight or nine.
Growing up in a race car family.
My own idea, my own design.

Would be different for sure.
Hadn't seen many around.
I was swimming in ideas.
Thought I was gonna drown.

Has only taken fifty years.
I finally have my own space.
Now this is the time.
and this here is the place.

It's all coming together.
The hot rod I always dreamed of.
It's now rolling on 4 wheels
It's been a labor of love.

Had part of a small shop.
Working in very small places.
Spent more time and energy,
wasting time, creating spaces.

Found some of my old drawings.
Would never happen I fear.
Drawn from a time of innocence.
An end of a dream is finally near.

My own hot rod,
built by my own two hands.
Every piece, every part.
Homebuilt, not by any plans.

1923 Model T Roadster.
A top loader manual 3-speed.
Working and cutting metal
Hands sore, sometimes they bleed.

A big block Ford 6 Cylinder.
Came out of a UPS truck.
Will have it running soon,
with some skill and lot's of luck.

Made to come from the fifties.
A racing veteran roadster.
Combining race car and hot rod
Two birds, one stone for this aging oldster.

Will soon be on the street.
Maybe a few laps at the track.
Some might snicker and laugh.
Might get a few pats on the back.

To quote a famous figure.
While doing what I have to do.
and finally making it come true.

R. S. Morris

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    The dream becoming fulfilled.