I Have Been in Love Before

I think I have been in love before
It gave me many feelings to endure
I left him all my trust
In return, all we did was fuss
He told me to close my mouth
That's when I knew things were going down south
He was still the one I adored
All I could ever do was make him bored
I saw that look in his eyes
I wish I could make him realize
I told him that I loved him, that I was here to stay
He told me that he liked me, that he was here to prey
I believed the lies he told me
I knew I shouldn't have let it unfold me
He was a different person each day
It left me not knowing what to say
I continued to make excuses
Yet the bruises still remained
I pleaded for him to stay
All while he walked away
He explained to me that I was the one who was wrong
There was no way that I could feel strong
I searched everywhere, high and low
My tears, these thoughts, the pain, they had to go
I think I have been in love before
It still leaves me asking for more

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