I have been wronged

I have been WRONGED
Unkept promises were made to me
Tiptoeing in a gradient of black,
Ethereal Experiences is all they amounted to be

I have been WRONGED
And now my anger surges
In realizing the inconspicuous actions taken against me
I barely fight the benighted urges

I have been WRONGED
Don’t you see this?
I was made a promise
And they so ignorantly choose to not keep it

I have been WRONGED
Something must burn
My things were stolen you see
Things I know I died to earn

I have been WRONGED
Can anybody see at the very least
I’m yearning to be acknowledged
But only silence seems to feast

I have been WRONGED
Just someone please agree
This hidden festering plunges me
Deeper in this well of misery

I have been wronged
Now ... I’m just talking to myself
Alone in this void
Maybe forgiveness or disremembrance will help

But I have been WRONGED
Is no one held accountable
I need the world to see this injustice
I need this ache to be surmountable.


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