I Have Fallen in Love With…

I never though who and when I will
fall in love, falling in love was not that simple
it is not something it just happen in 1,2,3


it happens when you get to know the person
and see by they really are
the way i fallen in love,wasn't something that i never though it
would happen.it was something that came out naturally
without me knowing that it
existed. I felt like little butterflies flying inside of my belly
my hear thumped hard, i felt sweating from head to toes
i get giggles every time i was near to the person

i never though i would fall in love with that kind of person
we became classmates, we became friends, we became best friends
we, then, mess around to a point, we became a couple
we hid the secret from everyone and made sure nobody did not
know about our relationship...until it was broken.
i break up with you
i hurt you and we became strangers
then we became friends then finally we got back together

we are now engage and hoping to have a beautiful family

i have fallen in love with a girl.

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