I Have Never Left the Beach

When you ask about my scars, I will tell you that I dashed
My foot against a rock hidden in the water, and impaled
The wound on the sharp corner of a stone step. I will

Run your finger on the ridge between my big toe and my instep
Where my skin is slightly rougher. I do not mean to embarrass you
When I say that all my scars smell like sunblock and sea salt.

I’m sorry I don’t have more interesting marks on my body, but
In reflexology, each part of the foot connects to the most important
Organs. If you show me the burn marks on your spine, I would

Expect that you limp the way I did when I earned my child wound.
If I inhale the saltwater into my lungs, my massage therapist
taught me to expect that the balls of my feet would go numb first.

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