i have questions

how do you believe when you are given no reason?
no special revealing-nothing changes with the seasons
i reach up i think i dream of your wonders
but all is silent, that causes me to wonder
is my brain just too small to grasp your existence?
have you talked to me and have i missed it?
how far must i go to enter your kingdom
is it just kindness and faith
or must i do more in your name?
do people who don't believe but never knew the teaching
are they spared or are they given the same ending
as the murderers, the thieves, the crooks
but they all have a chance if they just give you a look?
how do you pick your people and who belongs
in the place you says goes on and on?
if you were here i'd ask many questions but the first would be
have i done enough to get it?

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