I heard the Shots Fired

We hear of gun violence and do nothing. Monday night news, we hear about shootings and murderers killing people. Bang, one by one they drop to the floor, but to us, they are nothing but names and stories to frighten our children with; stay close to mother, don't stray too far. We hear these stories so often, they lose their fear. This year, 20 innocent children have felt a bullet pierce their skin and have seen their blood blossom on their shirts. How can we live in this world, see these problems, and not even lift a finger? Guns are our favorite toys. We place them into each other's hands and say go play. This pointless violence is met with a deafening silence. Silence is commonly misinterpreted as acceptance. Raise your voices or be overlooked. We say guns don't kill people, people kill people. We decide to shoot, our finger pulls the trigger, but...I don't recall the bullet being part of the human body. If there is someone who can do something about this problem, it is the police. But what can they do? All they are are more bodies to be riddled in holes with. Some buy guns for protection while others buy them for amusement; to watch the blood spill from people's bodies, to watch the color leave their faces. I say don't buy them at all. Let the police and the army do their work. We wouldn't have needed them if nobody had them at all. I hear shots fired in the distance and think to myself, who has fallen next.

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