I Honesty Love You

You will make it through this
I’ve been pulled from the deepest abyss
You want honesty?
I took action
Or do you want dishonesty?
I could tell you it will all go away
But I’d be straight up lying in that case
I won’t do it for the sake of poetry
I’ll tell you the truth to the best of my abilities
Life isn’t going to treat you that great
Well, it all depends on how you look at it
A choice you make to wake up one day and change
You have to look for the light through the pouring rain
Life sucks, but we have to keep going
We have to turn these wrongs into rights
We all can ride this life on a train as smooth as gravy
That’s the great thing about extensive, heart-wrenching pain
It helps you see the beauty
Sun-kissed flowers start to tell you, “your splendid”
Pedals reach out to you in halos, reflecting your innate golden being
You see how good you are once you clear out the old pictures
The cheerful shapes of nature will help you do this
For strength and energy, you must look to the Sun
See how beautiful it is and you can shed the limits that hold you back from bliss
Into a beacon of blessing, you can shine
Made from the same Creator, your spirit can be radiant or blistered
You and the Sun’s power are the same
But it all starts with a choice in your heart
So I’ll keep writing poems about your medal of self-worth
Until you make that choice to be honestly happy

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