I Identify as Me

I Identify as Me

When I was just a boy, things were less confusing,
When I was just a boy, gender was a lot less amusing.
You could either be born a boy, or a girl,
It was a topic that did not warrant the input of the world.

Now I am older, and things are so much more confusing,
Now I am older, and topics of race, gender, and nationality are a lot more amusing.
You can now be born a boy, and identify as a girl,
You can be born a white American, and identify as the smartest Filipino in the world.

What about Me?
Well, the bank didn’t believe a word of my plan,
They didn’t identify me as a rich middle aged man.

I was born as a boy, and I identify as such,
I was born into poverty, and I never had much.
I was born with white skin, and I do not feel guilt.
I was born with an open mind, and watched this irrational world being built.

What about Me?
I have come to find that there is only one Me,
And believe it or not, I identify as He.

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