Finding someone hiding inside of me
always acts as an unknown friend of me.
In your search,
I fight myself,sometimes get underestimated
forget about the way i am going by getting distracted.
where are you ?
I'm in search of you.
One day my mom told me about you,
you were hiding inside me since my chilhood.
you and me were strongly connected,
when i was a kid.
On that time , you were my best friend,
helping me whenever i feel your need.
But now, i grown up, reached to puberty
I can't find you in the crowd of confusing
moods and feelings inside me.
due to some distractions,may be due to changes
happening inside my body,
I lost your connection with me
finding you to reach me at my maturity.
please help me, I'm failing to recognize you,
I know you are present inside of me
but don't know in which gesture are you ?
Finding you hiding inside of me,
Always acts as an unknown friend of me.......
Me and You (my subconscious mind)!!!!!

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