I Just Have You

You might have many
But I just have you
If the world is a burning summer
I found you as
My winters view ,
you must have forgot me
but look back dear
I m still in the queue
you might have many
but I just have you...
When I met you
before years
I was disheartened
and in extreme fears
you arrived in my life
as a naïve child and
ceased me of being a super wild “
though I couldn’t express
my fondness to you
that is still and may always be due ,because
you might have many
but I just have you......
You are brighter for me
than the sun shine
because I always see
in you, something divine
I asked many times
to your heart to open its doors
I know I may not be yours
but you will always be mine
millions of people are there
but I said it just to few , because
you might have many
but I just have you. ......
You are my joy
you are my sorrow
you are my yesterday
you are my morrow
you are my day
you are my night
you are my love
you are my fame
o god why don’t you make her ,
feel the same ?
what else can I give you
you already know
I have given you even my name ....
I knew I could loose you
Still don’t know why did I choose you
for my brain and heart
it is a never ending argue , because
you might have many
but I just have you.........
Through my poetries
I tried to create a scene
whats your worth in my life
and for me , how you mean.
distance is something between us
that I cant bear
you faced me many times but could not see
in my eyes , the fountain of tears ,
you walked away the way today
I could see my love being decay
my heart just wants you once
to come back dear
days are just nothing
I will be waiting for you all the year
for me, the hard time and
this isolation is not something new, because
you might have many
but I just have you .........
I always adored you
as my heartiest family member
I thought of opening my heart
when I met you again on September
looked at your adorable face
that was super rude
but it did not hurt me
cause I knew it was your childhood
we were together
but it felt like miles
my angry birds feather
but I could not see any of your smiles ....
I m all detached without you
and have no hope
I m now like an acrobat
who lost his rope
tears are hitting my eyes
when I m writing
I have no idea
why we had been fighting
I could express it in words before
but I was waiting for love to increase more
I never revealed my heart
all I wanted you to feel
because its all about love
its not a merchant deal ,
o god come and say all
I have written is true
because I never want to say
you might have many,
but I just had you........

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