I Just Want To Be Happy

By Nita   

Its hard to be loved when it seems like there is no love in this world for me.
I try my hardest to make the best of the things and the situation that it is.
My heart hurts but it seems like nobody notices it at all. I try and try but where is my love.
Where is my heart that feels like its been taken away from me. I don't have questions or complain.
But damn where is my heart, where is my love that defines me and who I am.
Where is the things that shows me that its going to be okay or the ones that are able to just say those words.
Maybe I need to break away and find that love withing myself or just get my life to where I'm happy. But how I guess it's time to get back to me.
So here I come straight for it. I know where it is but I just gotta go to it.
Time for a great change and time for me to get back to my heart period and if that means leaving and ditching everything then all well.
Time for me to stop asking where and go get it. So 2018 make it rain for a change.

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Its telling a story of lost love