I Keep a Written History

You say it seems I'm hiding something--
Maybe it's my answers,
Or that when you asked, I said nothing--
If in need of explanation, here's my summation:
My trust has reached stagnation--
I learned don't trust what isn't well-known,
And even then reside in caution--
Don't let your full cover be shown;
Afraid, I am not--
And secrets, I have little,
So hold to the ones I've got;
Avoid becoming transmittal.

We all love a good mystery;
It's simply human nature--
I keep a written history,
But it will not read off my behavior;
I'm manipulative--as well as contemplative--
I'm witty and I'm charming,
Perhaps over-demonstrative.

I'm tricky, and I'm picky.
Caught up, a bit sporadic--
And when I speak, I am emphatic,
But in this too, I am loyal,
Was left broken when we parted,
But I still can't wait to get started.

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