I Kissed the Sky

I kissed the sky
My lips turning cloud white
My nose wrinkling up to some sweet rotting smell
I've never experienced before
My skin is a nasty yellowing shade
Peeling away from my bones
I am cold and so the blue hugs me and
The green salty sea is but a nightmarish dream

I think in these clouds I might come undone and unravel
And then what will I be falling from the sky?
Nothing more than twisted shadows,
Broken hopes, lost ambitions...
I kissed the sky
The blue, blue sky
It tasted of lavender
I imagined I was drinking purple water
I could feel it--chunky, gooey vomit--
Slithering down my throat to my stomach
Already chuck full of toxins and pills

I kissed the light blue sky
Light blue, baby blue sky
It seemed cold like the whites of the ocean
It sounded like still waves during a calm night
It gave me the uneasy feeling of sea sickness
I found myself shaking
I kissed the sky and drank lavender water

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