I Knew

Bad Pains woke me up I though it was over I though I knew
I yelled for help no one heard so I thought I knew
I yelled louder then they heard so yet again I thought I knew
Pains kept coming my meds didn't work so I thought I knew
I thought i knew Heaven was waiting I thought I knew
no goodbyes for me to say but I thought i knew
The ambulance was coming but was it too late yes I thought I knew
Again I was wrong although I thought I knew
I joked and laughed but still I thought that I knew
In a blink of a eye my vitals were gone so again
I thought that I knew
some did not give up but I did not know
but still thought I was gone thought that I knew.
A bright area of light that I saw for sure I thought that
I was gone and that I knew
until before me, I was shocked and surprised those who
went before me appeared
for that I really knew their words to be true:
Go back we're not ready for you and then I knew.
The thing is although I knew why, is it
I was wrong and really I never knew
The one and only thing that I now know is
Heaven is a place that I long to go!
So the next time those pains wake me in
the night I want to know
Do I wake You still or do I just let go
It's a question that's hard to say even though
I thought I knew

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